Hosta Seizure is a magical realism gardening mystery following the lives of hostas and the gardeners they tend to. Set in Lewes, Delaware, in 2012, the novel comprises 69 chapters over 325 pages. Principal characters include Herman Funk, aka Funky, Demetrio Perez, Agnes Doolittle, Burton Prettyman, and the hostas Blue Angel, plantaginea, August Moon, Earth Angel, Stardust, Unforgettable, Big Daddy, Big Mama, Little White Lines, Beckoning, Paradigm, Halcyon, Sharp Dressed Man, Niagara Falls, Victory, Blue Haired Lady, Inniswood, Satisfaction, Crepe Suzette, Bigga Luigi, Aphrodite, Old Glory, Krossa Regal, yingeri, Illicit Affair, Queen of the Seas, Blue Hawaii, Maui Buttercups . . . and others. The hostas help Funky solve a riddle penned by a former client who went missing over a decade earlier, while immigrant gardener Demetrio Perez must make a choice between friendship and a fraught promise. Hostas and gardeners collude as two plots converge in this fictional account.