about hosta seizure

Hosta Seizure Synopsis

Funky’s eye twitch, the result of an accident as a child, has recently worsened, coupled with hearing voices in the garden. The voices send an urgent message: An evil force seeks their destruction, and possibly even the demise of Mother Earth. A poetic riddle recently surfaced, apparently penned by one of Funky’s clients who went missing a decade earlier, and only by decoding this riddle can Funky thwart the evil force.

Meanwhile, Demetrio Perez struggles as an immigrant gardener. His wealthy client, Agnes Doolittle, advises him to steer clear of another client: Burton Prettyman, a narcissistic philanderer with a shady past who tempts Demetrio with a fraught deal.

The worlds of Demetrio and Funky collide as they each experience hostas’ transcendental mantra: The destiny of each is tied to all.


Hosta lovers anywhere who have been smitten by this plant will surely relate to Hosta Seizure at some level. The author of this magical realist novel, Jim Henry, takes non-fiction resources familiar to hosta enthusiasts and uses those facts as a foundation for weaving his fictional tale. He reminds me of JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit series, with text-specific terminology that sets a hook and is then developed so that the terms become “natural” as you are plunged into a well developed plot full of several subplots.

-Don Dean, President, American Hosta Society